Salt Bae: A few things you need to know about him

Nusret Gökçe is a Turkish chef, commonly known as “Salt Bae,” and is an internet sensation famous for his unique presentation techniques for preparing seasoning, and servicing meat.
Salt Bae is a food entertainer and restaurateur and owns a chain of luxury steak houses known as Nusr-Et, which has branches worldwide.

Family Background

Gökçe was born the 9th of August, 1983, into a Kurdish family in Erzurum, Turkey. His parents were Faik Gökçe, who worked as a miner, and Fatma Gökçe In early childhood, due to a financial crisis, he was forced to drop out of sixth grade to start working in a butcher’s shop as an apprentice in Istanbul.

How did Salt Bae get Started?

Salt Bae started his journey working in local restaurants in several countries – sometimes for free – to gain experience as a cook and restaurateur. And then when he returned to Istanbul, Turkey, he started his first restaurant in 2010 and later expanded to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

When and How did Salt Bae became Famous?

Salt Bae became viral on the internet when a series of videos and memes of him cutting meat and sprinkling salt got viral. That’s how he got the nickname of “Salt Bae”, thanks to his unique style of salting meat, which involved dropping it from his fingertips to his forearm and then onto the plate.

His first really viral video was in January 2017, when a social media post named “Ottoman Steak” on his restaurant’s Twitter account brought him to the attention of the globe.

It shows the chef slicing through a thick slab of steak before sprinkling it with salt, which he does by sprinkling the grains onto his forearm and then onto the meat.

It gained over 10 million Instagram views as well and has made Salt Bae a household name in a matter of days.

Now, because of his worldwide popularity, Salt Bae has served many celebrities and politicians of the world and his social media followers keep growing second by second.

Which celebrities visited Nusr-Et?

There are many celebrities who are world-famous for their talents have visited Nusr-Et some of them are footballers like Romelu Lukaku, Mark Walberg, Paul Pogba, Maradona, Lionel Messi and FIFA President Giani Infantino. Singers like Diddy, Naomi Campbell, Cassi & gang. Even the restaurant has been visited by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan.

Where restaurants of Salt Bae located?

Salt Bae is the owner of the luxury steakhouse restaurant Nusr-Et which is presently available at 15 locations. Know more about the restaurants of Salt Bae in here.

How can you meet Salt Bae?

You can meet Salt Bae at one of the restaurants, however, there is no booking process or appointment available to meet Salt Bae. If you are lucky enough then you can visit one of the Nusr-Et and be able to see Salt Bae there, but there are fewer chances that might happen so better follow him on Instagram @nusr_et or on his Facebook page @realsaltbae to know where he will next be so that you can plan accordingly.